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October 2021
Again it has been a good month for visitors who have been enjoying the sights of the observatory. It has been a great month for Otter sightings too.

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September 2021
We have been surprised by the amount of visitors we received in September. The observatory is open as much as we can be but it is good to see people emailing to book their visit so we can try to be there for them. This month gave us two interesting bird species to watch and enjoy plus visits from the Otter and a dark Mink.

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August 2021
The observatory will continue. Thank you to everyone who liked our Facebook page and offered their support, we felt very humbled by the response. This year will be to just keep going but we do have ideas for the observatory going forward. We want even more visitors to enjoy it. Watch this space......!

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July 2021
This July we sadly lost Eddie Maguire, Head Warden. This came as a terrible blow as we wished we had more time to learn from him before we were handed the task of continuing the work the observatory does. He will be greatly missed with his wry wit and observational skills.
The observatory will not be able to be open as much as it was but if you wish to make a visit please email us at to make an appointment and we will try to make sure there is a warden to open up for you. The monthy report will continue.

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April 2021
April has been interesting with some migratory species arriving as expected but some have taken their time. The weather has been changeable and this could be holding some species up.

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March 2021
March is always a special month as you start to feel the changes in the season and the bird behavior changes. Plants start to flower, migratory species start to arrive and, hopefully, the weather improves. We feel these changes and start to get enthusiastic about the year ahead.

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February 2021
February was a month of change with some days like winter but occasional days of promised warmth. The birds could sense the change and some even started to prepare for the breeding season. Heres hoping 2021 is a better year with more freedom to explore.

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January 2021
The start of another year and the hope that 2021 is a return to normal life.
The last year gave many of us a chance to spend more time exploring, observing and recording the nature and wildlife in our local area. This threw up some interesting finds. Spring is around the corner and more lockdown measures may see more information added.

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