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June 2024
June has been a month of changeable weathers with good days and some cold, windy and miserable ones. It certainly hasn't been as warm as last year when we had a heatwave.
Will this affect our breeding birds?

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May 2024
Better weather and the return of the little birds. I always love this time as I like to see the birdlife returning and starting to set up territories.

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April 2024
April was a mix of weather with some squalls making things interesting. It was a fantastic month for dolphin and otter sightings with many visitors getting to see them.

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March 2024
David, the warden, finally came out of hospital and the first thing he wanted to do was visit the observatory. It always makes me feel better to visit there. Catch up and what has been seen.

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February 2024
We have had a wonderful respose to our fundraising but we still have a way to go.
February has had its good and its bad.

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January 2024
The terrible storms hit the observatory hard and we need to raise some serious donations to keep the building going through another winter.

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November 2023
Lots of movement this month and the odd surprise.

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October 2023
October was unseasonably warm at times and I wonder if this effect our birds. The end of October brought a surprise influx that made me very happy.

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September 2023
Another great month with lots of fly by's and we had plenty of visitors too. We met some lovely people who shared their interests with us and enjoyed time sharing our view.

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August 2023
This month we learnt the importance of photographing anything that went past.

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July 2023
Well, what a different month July has been, much cooler and wetter. We have had a lot of wader flocks going through which has been lovely to see. Highlight was the Greenshank.

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June 2023
What a hot month June has been for us. It's about time we had the sun. This has enabled the Mute Swans to have 4 cygnets as last year their nest was washed out. We also enjoyed the good weather by having a busman's holiday to Islay and Jura.

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May 2023
Good news about the future of the observatory and lots of birds arriving and starting to breed.

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April 2023
Sightings start to pick up and the first Sandpiper is seen. Spring is on its way.

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March 2023
This month had us busy doing some renovations to the building as we discovered some rotton wood and lack of insulation. We are hoping to gradually repaint and repair both inside and outside this year to ensure it lasts a few more years. We did get some bird watching in too.

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January/February 2023
New year, new plans. Hopefully, this year will be better for spending time out and about observing. We have plans in the pipeline for the observatory so watch this space. I am also putting my monthly spreadsheets on for download so the report is easier to understand.

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